ERASMUS Blended International Program (BIP) Module in Cooperation with CENTRIA (FIN) and OBUDA (HU)

CSR: Corporate Strategy, Management and Consumer Behaviour with regard to a Specific Sector

 Key Aspects:

SectorCore CSR challenges of the whole sector and relevant SDGs (Materiality Environment Analysis)

 Selected Company:

-       Vision, Mission and strategic CSR approach

-       Business Modell and Stakeholder Engagement (Materiality Assessment)

-       Core CSR aspects (ISO26000): Selected concrete CSR measures, impacts and outcomes (SDGs)

-       SWOT-summary

 Corporate Communication and customer behavior

-       Past and current trends – non-sustainable and sustainable variants


Proposals: How to move towards more CSR and sustainability?     


During the first module week (physical workshop) students will be assigned to mixed working groups and be responsible for analyzing the above-mentioned key aspects of a chosen company. Lecturers will offer coaching during each block. Then students have to collaborate and gradually have to develop the interim group presentations (see below, during the weeks 3-4, 6-8, 10-11), which then will be consolidated as final presentations and reports to the summarizing online-workshop.